Saturday, 25 August 2012

Graffiti in Bologna

While many shops are closed for the summer and their shutters are firmly down, I've had the opportunity to  enjoy and take snaps of the street graffiti in Bologna. The graffiti by its very nature is temporary and so old works are eventually covered up and new pieces take their place or crop up in unexpected places. Here are some of my favourites from this Summer. 

The Best Shoe Shop ever! 
Medusa (a Jellyfish)

A newspaper stand (unfortunately someone
stuck something over Snoopy's nose)
A Scheming Giraffe

A Geisha taking Espresso

The Birth of Venus

The local Seamstress

A Jazz Bar

A Lamb stencil that's appeared everywhere

(photo via @John1954Moi)

A Mexican Bar
(Old Photo of Graffiti that still exists in Via Inerio)
Update April 2013: I found this happy chappy on the shutters of a veterinarian nearby. 

For more check out this article: Bologna Street Art at NomadBiba


  1. love the newstand snoopy! the graffiti is pretty damn good, very artistic some of it :)

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