Friday, 3 August 2012

A Sneaky Gelato in Venice

As we returned home from Gorizia, we decided to pop into Venice for a quick gander and gelato. And so it was decided in a flash, we hopped off the train and ambled through the labyrinth of canals in search of frozen refreshment.

Cream and Chocolate-based Flavours (Photo via Pinterest)
Gelato. The first thing people want to sample when they arrive in Italy.So I've written a few notes on the topic. Firstly, Italian gelato is much creamier and contains more sugar than the British alternative therefore even 'plain' flavours are actually delicious on their own. So do go for simple flavours like crema (creamy custard), fior di latte (the closest equivalent to vanillia) or the subtle pinoli (pine nut).

Gelati can be roughly categorised into four groups: the nut based, cream based, chocolate based and the fruity ice creams (more accurately called sorbet). A comprehensive guide to the most common flavours can be found here at ItalyLogue: and 24 gelato facts here
For more information follow Jessica Spiegel on her twitter page @andiamo).

Crema Catalana Gelato in Venezia
If you're in search of something refreshing, I'd advice you to pair yogurt and pera (pear) together or indeed any other fruit. If you're feeling indulgent go for the nutty or chocolatey flavours (below) such as ciocciolato fondente (rich, dark chocolate), caffé (espresso), nocciola (hazlenut), or pistacchio (Pistachio). On this occasion in Venice I had crema catalana, a custard-based gelato flavour. Crema Catalana is not available in all gelaterias so do nab it if it's there as it's delicious! I paired that with another creamy flavour, tiramisu, which in Italian means 'lift me up' and you certainly do feel wonderful afterwards.

Crema Catalana!

For me, ordering gelato requires some forward thinking as you want to make sure that you order the flavour you want to finish with first so that it's at the bottom. This could be either your preferred gelato or flavour which will refresh you such as yogurt or lemon. I usually order gelato in a plastic cup or a cestino ('chest'), an edible cone in the shape of a small bowl) rather than a traditional cone which runs the risk of drippage in the sunshine.

Now to the city of Venice itself. The most important piece of information is as follows; you will get lost. Even if you stick rigidly to the map or take pictures at every turn (as we did!). All attempts are as futile as following breadcrumbs in the forest. You'll be tempted by glimpses of canals through narrow archways or you'll spot something in the corner of your eye and wander through windy alleyways.

"We'll remember the way," you'll say.

You won't of course.

But you will discover beautiful sights and delightful isolated nooks and crannies in this Renaissance maze. It's all part of the charm. Think of Venice as a timelocked labyrinth where you'll be disorientated but more than happy to remain so. Of course, at some point you'll have to extract yourself from dreamy "City of Bridges" and so bear this in mind and leave yourself a good leeway to find your way back to the main ferrovia station (which is well signposted).

Palazzos near the Bridge of Sighs

Finally, I have a quick note on the iconic Gondolas. It's lovely to see the gondoliers in their stripped shirt and straw hats leaning against bridges while they wait for tourists to approach them. If you'd like to cruise along the canals in a gondola, the prices are fixed and it will set you back about 70 euros. Price aside, Im not convinced that cuddling up with your loved one while an all-seeing Italian in a red-ribboned hat keeps watch is the most romantic thing in reality. I was content with just a photo for now. Maybe my Romantic side will get the better of me one day...

"The City of Canals"

Scarf: 'Pastel Chains' Confessions of a Fashion Lover
Trousers: Black Palazzo Pants from Pearl Daisy
Top: H&M menswear (!)
Sandals: New Look

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Venice <3 I am so honeymooning there. Love the pics - did you take them yourself? (not talking about the ones with you in, obviously LOL)

    Love your outfit :D xx

  2. Yes, I got really snap-happy cos I'd found batteries for my long-neglected camera : D

  3. I love that you wrote about the gelato before the actual city of Venice - truly Sarita!
    Also: Yay for Crema Catalana! :D I also love about the order of ordering ice cream to ensure the right combo - I do that too!
    Great piece all in all!

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