Monday, 17 September 2012

Expat Arrivals: Life in Italy

In my Recent Interview with Expat Arrivals (, I answer specific questions about moving abroad and living in Bologna. I answer the important questions: why moving to the North means you'll have an abundance of friends from the South, why Brits bring a stash of paracetamol and cheddar with them in their luggage and how to prepare for bureacractical catch-22s. 

We might even bump into Romano Prodi along the way...  

★  ★  ★

The full interview can be found here


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  2. nice interview :)

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  3. masha'Allah sounds like a nice city! i would really love to visit this part of Italy....i think i've been here im not sure really lol that was ages and ages ago >.<

    also, if you're interested, and please do share this to any reverts you know.

    I'm looking for reverts and guided-again Muslims to share their stories on my blog in hopes to do dawah and reach out to the world..please share this link and also if you know anyone let me know...they will not be identified (unless they choose to be) and they will be under "Anonymous"
    here's the link!

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  7. I think that this post is really interesting and I love your pictures shared by you. DO you want to follow each other? I'm already following you!
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