Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Big Blog Hug and a Brass Crescent

Writing is an intensely personal process as many of you may know. I often find myself umm-ing and ahh-ing at two in the morning over whether an article will resonate with readers or if it will be the blog equivalent of tumbleweed rolling across the dashboard...

Yet without fail, this paranoia has always been brushed aside by the warmth and support I've received from you, the readers, and I'd like to thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement since I began A Hotchpotch Hijabi and, in particular, the Interfaith Ramadan series. Getting to know you, hearing about your own experiences, and being able to share inspiring and thought provoking articles by incredible writers, leaders, and activists has been incredibly rewarding for me on a personal and spiritual level. In this short time, I've made wonderful new friends from all different faiths and countries: from frozen Siberia to sweltering Djibouti!  

When I first put fingertips to keyboard, I certainly didn't expect to be immersed in a welcoming and supportive community of kind, hope-filled, and open-minded individuals who share a passion for telling and sharing stories. Among these writers, I'm sure there are plenty of Muslim bloggers, old and new, who you deem more than worthy of a Tenth Annual Brass Crescent Awards nomination and this is the perfect opportunity to help boost their profile and show support for your favourite bloggers. 

The Awards include many categories such as Best Muslim Blog, Best Non-Muslim Blogger,  Best Female Blogger, Funniest Blogger, Best Post or Series, Best Writer, and even Best Tweeter. 

If you have enjoyed reading this blog and consider it among your favourites, I would be honoured if you would consider nominating the Interfaith Ramadan blog project for Best Series and share your reasons why you think it deserves to be up for consideration. 

It's hard to capture in words the warm fuzzy feeling that writing, sharing, and interacting with you has given me this year. I can only say a huge thank you to all of you! 

★  ★  ★

In a few clicks, you can nominate your favourite bloggers here: Tenth Annual Brass Crescent Awards

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