Monday, 15 July 2013

The Blessings Of Not Fasting - Mariam

Mariam has long been a little ray of sunshine in my life. I didn't know who to turn to when I first became a Muslim because I didn't have any Muslim friends. Thankfully, Mariam was on hand and has been an encouraging influence in my life every since. It was thanks to Mariam's support that I began this blog. Here, she shares with us what she does when she is unable to fast during Ramadan:

“Ramadhan is my favourite time of year. So much is my love for Ramadhan that I begin to look forward to it as soon as Eid has finished. So when I cannot fast, for whatever reason, it makes me really, really sad. But of course, even if I can't fast, Allah swt always knows how to cheer me up - He gives those who cannot fast many other ways to please Him and help mankind and gain some rewards. 
Helping the ones fasting. Cooking for them. Eating sehri with them. Breaking our fast with them. Feeding the poor. Whenever I do one of these things, I can feel Him smiling down at me, and can feel that He is happy with me for what I have done that day - which in turn makes me a very happy bunny!”

You can find out more about Mariam on her lovely beauty and fashion blog: [Insert Witty Title] 
Other articles by Mariam include: The Benefits of Suhoor, and The Benefits of Iftar

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  1. May Allah reward Mariam for giving you that support. It's so important that people who are new to islam have someone there for them to turn too. InshAllah we can all seek out an opportunity to help people In our community especially In ramadan when they could feel lonely x


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