Sunday, 18 August 2013

Eid the Oddity

Eid is an oddityIt's the only celebration I know where built-in sadness comes as standard. In the last few days of Ramadan you could sense a collective near-audible 'nooooooo!' as the month wrapped itself up to go into storage for another year. In that respect, Eid is essentially mourning the loss of Ramadan

Nearly a fortnight has passed since Ramadan ended. The hundreds of Instagram pics of sparkly Eid outfits, daylight espressos, and mehndi patterns are long gone. 

What's left in their wake is a choice: to make an active effort to continue good habits or to slide back into the old ones. In theory we all want to do the former, but without the communal support of Ramadan it's really tough to maintain the necesary motivation. It's much easier to feel connected to God during Ramadan because everything is geared towards that goal. The months between each Ramadan are where the real struggles take place.

My personal aim is to establish a better prayer/work routine when I go back to teaching this weekA hectic work day means that if I don't programme prayer times into my daily schedule alongside lessons, I'm likely to get caught up in activities and simply forget. All-too-late realizations or mad dashes to the bathroom just don't cut the mustard so inshAllah with a bit of forward-thinking I'll be able to resolve this problem. 

What are your personal aims for the coming months? 
Which Ramadan habits do you find a challenge to maintain?

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Remember To Make Dua

Seeing the horrific footage coming from Egypt has led to an overwhelming sense of sadness and anger at the injustice of what's happening. Although we may feel utterly helpless, we are all able to offer prayers for those who are affected, for the families of the people who have died and for those who face ongoing persecution. InshAllah the situation in Egypt, and other conflict-torn countries, will be resolved so that the people can feel safe again and have their voices heard and respected. 


  1. I try to maintain the spiritual efforts all year long.

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