Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Converts Crossing the Gap of Misunderstanding (for MuslimGirl)

I'm delighted to share my first article for MuslimGirl.net with you.  The site is dedicated to promoting young muslim women's voices so that they are no longer considered to be at the fringe of society but right smack in the middle of it. Their aim is to create awareness of the Qur'an's message of gender equality and 'pave the way towards a world in which every woman can raise her head without fear of being attacked for her gender or beliefs.' I'm incredibly excited to be involved with such wonderful writers, artists, and activists. 

Here's a snippet from my first article: Converts Crossing the Gap of Misunderstanding
"Converts are in a unique position to clarify misconceptions. They have crossed the invisible frontier between two faiths and have experienced both in a very real sense. They know all too well the criticisms hurled at each religion. No doubt they’ve asked themselves the same probing questions as they patrolled the in-between spaces. Interrogating their faith in the illuminating darkness of the night."

For more, head on over to
MuslimGirl.netIf you haven't come across the site before, I've cherry picked some of my favourite aritcles which caught my eye recently:

Amani on Muslim Girls and Alcohol
Laila Alawa on ‘Side Entrance,’ a Topic that has been Silenced for Too Long
Ainee Fatima: The New Pakistani Cartoon The Burqa Avenger: Denying The Western Gaze 

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  1. I went to what was called a shared meal at a mosque. The men and women were separated. Can you tell me if this is universal in Islam?

    1. It's not uncommon but you wouldn't find it everywhere. It really depends.

  2. Salaam!! I am glad I found your Blog (it was referred to a friend who also Blogs)!! Can't wait to read your article on MuslimGirl inshaaAllah. BTW what does "hotchpotch" mean -- does that have the same meaning as "hodge-podge"? Wait what does "hodge-podge" mean??? Are these British terms???? LoL sorry for the questions :-b okay ttyl haha

    1. haha! that made me laugh! yeah hotchpotch is the same as hodgepodge which just means a big mix - a mish-mash if you will : D I remember having a hard time deciding which spelling to use. Thanks for leaving a message, I'll check out your blog too.


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