Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Finding Home | Love, Inshallah

Love Inshallah has been one of my favourite online publications for a long time. Not only do they provide a platform for the multitude of vibrant Muslim women. Among the collection of essays, you find the painful juxtaposed with the beautiful, the whimiscal sitting alongside brutal honesty, and an underlying boldness of spirit which exhilerates and inspires in equal measure. It is for these reasons that I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to add my story to the mix. Here is a short snippet of my piece on living abroad and yearning for "home". You can find the full piece at LoveInshallah

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"I’ve been uncomfortably straddling the Alps for some time now.

This see-saw sensation is common amongst those who live in a foreign country. Love and vocation brought me to Italy five years ago, but family and culture keep me closely tethered to the UK.

Sometimes, there’s equilibrium. I stroll through formerly unknown streets where the muddled muzak of a foreign tongue has steadily becomethe main means of perception and expression in my daily life. People cheerily wave at me from across the street. Even street vendors know my name and life story. From the outside it seems like I’ve achieved what I set out to achieve: I’ve become a local.

But, suddenly, a shadow of a thought flits through my mind. The image of a loved one reflected in the face of a stranger. An evocative scent that sets my nostrils flaring in a remembrance of home…Voom! I’m engulfed by sadness. That ache in the pit of my stomach that no conventional medicine can cure."

Read the full piece here: LoveInshallah

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