InterfaithRamadan 2013

As the world gets smaller, open communication and meaningful dialogue between diverse communities and individuals becomes even more important. Social media, for all its perceived flaws, can be an incredible tool for cooperative, constructive and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions and humanistic beliefs. 

With that in mind, this upcoming month-long Interfaith Ramadan blog project will explore the Holy Month, not only from a Muslim viewpoint, but also from Christian, Jewish, cultural, and socio-political perspectives.

Week 2
Day 8: The Grouch Has Awoken!  
Day 9: What Lizards & The Legend of Zelda Can Teach You About Ramadan
Day 10: Fudge, Fajr, and Postman Pat!
Day 11: Fasting Can Bring Us Closer Together (Guest: Saadia Faruqi
Day 12: Slap Some Yogurt on That!
Day 13: Lee Weissman on "Closeness" and Cheerleading the Good (@JihadiJew)
Day 14:  A Revert's Relationship With Arabic
& Squiggles, Snails, and Tadpoles: The Arabic Alphabet

Week 3
Day 15: Steve Rose on Islam, Faith, and the Media  (Steve Rose)
Day 16: Muslims Abroad: The Politics of Language in the Mosque
Day 17: Nye Armstrong and Rebecca Minor: Ramadan Reflections
& Saadia Faruqi: When Will The Dates Be Served? 
Day 18: Wes Magruder: From Dialogue to Activism
My article for Wes Magruder's blog: Mindful and Thankful
Day 19: Nye Armstrong and Rebecca Minor on Charity and Water (@andirun)
Day 20: When a Time-Travelling Viking Met Jesus
Day 21: #InterfaithFriday: In A Gentle Way We Can Shake the World (@i_faithFriday)

Week 4
Day 22: The Problem With All This Interfaith Ramadan Malarkey
& Wes Magruder's Response
Day 23: Falling Head First Into The Ramadan Dip
Day 24: Containing God and Sabotaging The Competition
Day 25: Leicester: A Beacon For Interfaith Harmony (Guest: Raheema Caratella)
Day 26: Sharing Traditions of Sacrifice and Worship 
Eid Mubarak! Lessons Learned From An 'Imperfect' Ramadan


  1. Jazakallahu Khayrun, May Allah protect you and grant you the highest of Jannah (alfirdows)


  2. May Allah bless you and all your efforts....

  3. May Allah bless you if he chooses to put you on the right path no one besides the almighty could move you. I have heard your interview on radio 5 with your father and prayed my faith could be as strong as yours may Allah keep you on the right path.

  4. I have just heard your interview on the radio may Allah bless you.

  5. Assalaam 3alaykum wa rahmatuLlaahi wa barakaatuh

  6. Assalaam 3alaykum wa rahmatuLlaahi wa barakaatuh

  7. Assalam alaikum,

    I read an article about you on, and I have to say Im very happy for you. Praise to Allah for guiding you towards the right path. Be sure to help spread the message of Islam so that many more people can be enlightened just as you have. I wish you all the best.

  8. I'm sorry, I just don't understand why you would suddenly feel like Islam was the right path for you. I will be the first to admit my ignorance, and I'm trying to understand! But why? I'm so confused about Islam and from an outside perspective it seems to be a religion that is at war with itself with polar views on the interpretation of the Quaraan?

    1. I find myself questioning the veracity of what we have been taught as Christians. So much of Christs teachings have been perverted and twisted into a hateful thing. I still believe in Jesus Christ but now question his divinity. Who are we to claim to know he is the son of god, from a book that was created at the behest of a Roman ruler. Just look at the books of the bible that they keep out. I walk as a disciple of Christ and all his teachings but now I do question Christianity. Is this the real truth, or a truth that was manipulated by men of power over the past 2000 years. So I can understand her change. She has found her answers and we should all look deeply at what we believe.

  9. I was raised in a Christian family, every day i grow more interested in Islam and I ve reading the Holy Quran. But somehow I'm afraid of what could happen.....wholeheartdly I would like to walk in the path of righteousness. But Im so so confused about who has the truth the Bible or the Quran


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