Interfaith Ramadan
Being Interfaith Literate: A Guide to Online Interfaith Etiquette
Al Madina: Is Interfaith Compatible with Islam? 
SEDAA: Ex Muslim And Converts To Islam Are Not So Different
The Problems with all this Interfaith Marlarkey
Sabotaging the Competition
I Don't Live in a One Word World ((by Rachel Pieh Jones)
Radio Interview on Interfaith (On Radio Città Del Capo)

Experiences as a Convert
Negating My Britishness 
Converts Crossing The Gap Of Misunderstanding (for
The 11 Basic Facial Expressions When People See A Muslim (In Pictures)
Going to the Mosque For the First Time
"It's more awkward as a Muslim woman in the UK than in Italy" (Interview with The Local Italy)

A Muslim's View of Jesus
A Muslim Celebrating Christmas?

The Nativity Through Art History

The Mirror Test: Knowing When You're Ready to Wear Hijab
3 Unexpected Effects of Wearing the Hijab
Let's Talk About Hijab: Am I Good Enough To Be Wearing This?
Ummah Beware: It's the H Word
Ciao Bellas and Wolf Whistles

Feminism, Fiction and Turkish Delight

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  1. I just love your blog - it is absolutely delightful. I'm an American woman married to a Palestinian Catholic and have spent two and a half weeks in hijab during a solo trip to Egypt. Your stories about it make me glad to hear I wasn't alone in learning about static electricity and the even more shocking shock of seeing one's own face. However, I found it really helpful in the Egyptian heat - I would just soak my hair in cold water before covering it and nobody knew! Thank you for a great site...keep it coming!


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