Published Essays

On Interfaith:
Al Madinah Institute: Learning from Interfaith Dialogue
ABC Religion & Ethics: Should We Label Children Based on the Religious Beliefs of their Parents?
Christian Muslim Forum:  "Being Interfaith Literate: A Guide to Online Interfaith Etiquette"
Eid Mubarak 2014! (An Interfaith Eid Message Written For The Christian Muslim Forum) 
Religious Reader: How Do We Include the Non-Religious in Interfaith Dialogue? 
(featuring interviews with Peter Tatchell, Vlad Chituc, and Wendy Webber)
SEDAA: Ex-Muslims and Converts Are Not So Different

On Islam:
AltMuslimah: Reclaiming the Radical Feminism of the Quran (reposted from The Girl God Blog) 
AltMuslim: When Online Muslim Friends Provide Love & Community: A Convert’s Ramadan Story 
Patheos Hindrospectives: A Derrière In The Air At Prayer (Part of #MyMosqueMyStory series)
The Guardian: What is it like to be a Muslim in Britain today? 
Djibouti Jones:  "Am I Good Enough To Be Wearing This?"
Multicultural Kids Blogs: Ramadan Crafts and Activities for Children

As Columnist for MuslimGirl.comA Clockwork Doll in Salah
Converts Crossing the Gap of Misunderstanding
Kids and Hijab: "Do You Staple-Gun That Thing To Your Head Everyday?" 

On Living Abroad:
Love Inshallah: Finding Home 
SheLoves: The Privileged Immigrant
Leaving Greece:  "Die! Die! Die! Mistakes and Mistranslations in Italian"
Latitude:  30 Ways to Say "Turtle" & Other Things You Might Learn While Studying in Bologna 

Interview with Christian Today: My Relationship with Christianity and Why I Converted
Interview with Christian Today: Meet The Christians Who Are Fasting For Ramadan
Interview with Faith Seeker Kids 

Featured in: 
Pearl Daisy 
The Platform: Give Peace A Chance

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